Outbound appointment scheduling/setting call centre facilities happen to be a crucial tool for the sales professionals engaged in different business sectors. These include:
Insurance Companies
Health Insurance
Life Insurance
Mortgage Brokers
Financial Plan Makers
Time Share
Automotive Warranties
Real Estate
Business oriented with service sector

Most businesses allot more than 90% of their entire marketing budget to make best use of the advanced appointment setting. Companies take this bet as it seems to work. There can be nothing as effective and strong as coming to the table and meeting face to face. They feel that there always remain higher prospects of getting a deal closed when you get to meet your own customers.

Cross Selling and Upselling

Virgo BPO provides cross selling and upselling facilities aiming to upgrade the existing customers to their new line of products and services. Our trained team of BPO professionals strictly monitors in order to carry out the surveys on individuals and their essential buying patterns. This is one process that will help our customers to generate more revenues.

How can cross selling and upselling feature of a call center help?

In building a good rapport with potential customers
In reducing the escalated calls and offering repeated calls
Increasing the call quality and productivity as well

Methodologies as adopted by Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd

We ask open ended queries to customers
We make the customers feel comfortable with all their questions
We give sufficient time to all the customers to voice their queries
We try to avoid the con of any customer relating to regulations and policies.
We work to make our customers feel at ease thereby increasing their sales gradually.

When closing the sale at Virgo BPO

Taking charge of the calls made
Make use of the command words
Target to sell all types of benefits of the services and products but not the features
Make appeal through emotion and not through intellect
Closing the same on a positive note

Telemarketing Services

In today’s world, telemarketing is used as an essential medium of communication in the BPO sector. For several companies, telemarketing has proved to be the most flexible and dynamic way to reach out targeted customers in less time. This is a popular tool used as an essential means to provide effective communication techniques.

Telemarketing services actually refers to the telephonic surveys, which are generally carried out over the phone. Both medium and large sized business ventures make use of telemarketing services to reach out to their customers. These services can help a business in marketing their new products or services in a successful manner. Moreover, telemarketing as a tool can help you to make those areas your main target that may need improvement rather than established ones to prove to be a marketing success in all forms.
In the present date, Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd is a well known name in the circle of customer care service providers aiming to offer quality telesales services whenever contacted. We concentrate in offering different call center services including outbound telemarketing, inbound telemarketing, CRM and E-commerce telemarketing. Besides coming to the exact site for the telemarketing services you have also come across the accurate BPO service provider facilitating call center services of all kinds.

Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd seek to fulfill your telemarketing needs offering outbound, business to consumer, business to business, inbound and other automated services. Our call center service makes it easier for clients to meet their basic purpose of reaching out potential customers. Most BPO clients find marketing over call to be a simple and easy way to experience constant business improvement. Hence, you do not require hiring a vendor in order to make the inbound and outbound calls. We at Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd make it possible for you to reach your customers. In this regard, we manage and recruit right professionals to carry forward the telemarketing services on your behalf.

Our proven ways will help you to improve your own resources and also to make the best use of it as well.  BPO Services includes a team of highly efficient and experienced technical staff who work in the direction to devise, set up, manage and deliver the most flexible and customized telemarketing services from the respective customer care centers

Lead Generation

Virgo BPO being in service for more than a year now includes the expertise to offer you leads that will help you to boost product sales to a great extent. Our customer care service centers are finely equipped will professionals with several years of marketing experience.

We carry out research and market surveys as a part of our outbound call center services. Our proven techniques will help to generate fresh leads, bringing about high conversion rates in return.

Above all, B2B lead generation at Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd can be cost effective. It offers you an easy way to increase return on the investment made and also to get more business from targeted consumers.

We have been offering lead generation services for businesses of different size and form. Starting from small business owners to large corporate houses we cover a variety of industrial sectors. When you select to work with Virgo BPO Services Pvt. Ltd, you not only get assurance on quality but you also get to enjoy a range of benefits. These include:

Reduced sales cost
More of sales volume
Increased profits and sales
Raise awareness for your product or service within your targeted market
Seamless representation of your services, products and company
Updated global prospect database
Reliable intelligence
Leverage sales team time
Scalability to retract or expand size of lead qualification or lead generation 

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